Meet the culinary entrepreneurs behind two farm-to-fork businesses in Fort Wayne

Before he started Head2Hock food truck, Joseph Allison went to college aspiring to be a physical therapist.

“I actually was a wrestler growing up,” he says. “It was always just tuna fish out of a can for me.”

Today, he feels very differently about food, and it’s his new philosophy that has driven his vision the last several years as he and his wife, Courtni Allison, have launched two food businesses in the Fort Wayne area.

“A lot of people eat to eat,” Joseph says. “It should be more about eating to nourish.”

He and Courtni began their food truck Head2Hock in 2016, serving their made-from-scratch specialties like Oink Rolls (pulled pork) and hand-cut fries at events around northeast Indiana.

But you won’t find just any casual, American fare at Head2Hock. Their motto is “real food healing people.” They want the community to be aware of the chemicals, byproducts, and preservatives present in all the foods we eat every day.

Head2Hock doesn’t have any of that. Instead, they prefer fresh, farm-to-fork dishes. None of their food is shelf stable because they’re only putting out perishable goods, Joseph notes.

Head2Hock serves farm-fresh food on its signature hand-cut fries.

In addition to a food truck, the couple also runs a business called Our Three Broth, making broth with 100 percent local, pasture-raised stewing hens and chicken feet along with organic vegetables to be nutrient-dense.

With all their ingredients sourced from local farm, including Sevens Sons, Gunthorp Farms, and Hawkins Family Farm, the Allisons have officially received an Indiana Grown designation, developed by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture to promote Indiana-produced agriculture.

“It means a lot to us to be able to say we are a part of this program and support our local farmers to the best we can,” he says.

But he didn’t always plan on being a chef. It wasn’t until he began working at Red Lobster in high school and college that he realized he had a calling in the culinary world. Taking his career to the Capital Grille, he worked his way up to be the company’s youngest executive chef at age 26, and he didn’t stop there. Culinary design, flavor, and health benefits converge in Head2Hock's dishes.

Next, Joseph took his passion for culinary arts into teaching where he was able to give back.

This is where Head2Hock comes in. One of his teaching colleagues sold him a food truck, and he fell in love with it.

“It’s stainless steel—something you would see out on the streets of New York,” he says proudly.

With the flat top burners inside, Joseph and Courtni launched their business out of the truck.

As a wellness coach, Courtni helps ensure that each dish comes with health benefits. She grew up believing in the power of quality food, ensuring the same experience for Head2Hock’s customers.

Joseph says he gets this drive from being on the line back in his wrestling days and seeing what commercially processed food can do to people’s health. As such, he was determined to get more farm-to-fork dishes out to the public.

Head2Hock completed around 170 events in their first year alone.

“It has been absolutely incredible,” Joseph says. “It humbles me just talking about it because our community has supported us so much.”

Having a food truck and a bone broth club allows their businesses to feed off each other, so to say. Susan Snyder, a member of their monthly bone broth club, originally met Joseph at the Fort Wayne’s Farmers Market last spring. Since then, she’s admired his work in both businesses.

“Chef Joseph approaches his dishes with creativity and innovation, paying attention to each and every component,” Snyder says. “He elevates dishes like hand-cut bacon fat fries, and his chicken frico taco, showing a mastery of use of local ingredients, skills, and flavor. We are excited to continue to enjoy the delicious food from Head2Hock and encourage you to meet Chef Joseph.”

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Follow Head2Hock and Our Three Broth on Facebook and Instagram at @head2hock and @ourthreebroth.

Our Three Broth is available for purchase at the following locations:

Seven Sons Farm Store

Health Food Shoppe Fort Wayne

Food Hub in Auburn

3 Rivers Co-op in Fort Wayne


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