Feature StoryDirectCare offers an alternative to traditional healthcare at 1355 Getz Rd.
NewsThe NIIC works with individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.

What does it mean to be a Certified Tech Park for entrepreneurs?

Feature StoryBoomerang
NewsJoseph Allison runs the Head2Hock food truck in Fort Wayne with his wife, Courtni, and their family.
Feature StorySocial media has changed the way city governments operate.
NewsNortheast Indiana has a new regional brand: "Make It Your Own."
Feature StoryThe Art Loft hopes to expand on its current "paint and sip" class offerings.
Feature StoryRural Revival NewAllen East Allen
Feature StoryAlex & Kyle

#PeopleofNEI: Alex & Kyle, attending college in downtown Fort Wayne

NewsAssociates in Rural Sourcing's Albuquerque office collaborate.