'This is more than just a business deal'

Across Fort Wayne, yard signs proclaiming support for proposed Electric Works project line the streets of local neighborhoods.

If the city funds $65 million of the proposed $221 million west campus, the project will proceed to repurpose the former General Electric campus as a mixed-use hub of innovation and culture, home to farmers markets, business incubators, residential spaces, retail, restaurants, and more.

But why do residents care about this project so much? The Electric Works team took to the streets of northeast Indiana to find out.

In videos produced by a partnership of Lynchpin Creative and Greater Fort Wayne Inc., the team highlights three key ways Electric Works will advance regional businesses, educational opportunities, and economic development.

Business Investment

“As somebody who owns a downtown boutique, as somebody who’s lived in a big city, I can see it here. It is what we need.” -Annie Henry, Owner of IdleHour boutique

Education Investment

“This is more than just a business deal; it’s an educational opportunity.” -Wendy Robinson, Superintendent of Fort Wayne Community Schools

Economic Investment

“If you throw a pebble into a pond, there’s ripples. It's the same thing with positive economic development projects like Electric Works.” -Terry McDonald, Mayor of New Haven


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Kara is a Fort Wayne native, passionate about her hometown and its ongoing revival. As Managing Editor of Input Fort Wayne, she enjoys writing about interesting people and ideas in northeast Indiana. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karahackett.
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