Feature Story 2nd Fridays, North Manchester

Main Street organizations are revitalizing the heart of Northeast Indiana communities

“Without our Main Street organizations, the historic downtowns throughout Wabash County and the work they do, we would fall to the plight of urban sprawl. They are truly focused on the economic vitality of the structures that are part of our cultural heritage of where we were, who we were, and what made our communities even become communities.”

Special Report The Parkview Employer Clinic opening

Parkview Employer Solutions emphasizes wellness, prevention, and cost of care

“We want to partner with our regional employers, whether they’re school systems, local governments, municipalities or private companies. We want to partner with them to obviously keep their co-workers as healthy as possible and productive, but also to do that in the context of controlling the total cost of care.”

Feature Story Carla's home

Home Free: How the Forty Percent Live

“Our home now is worth more than twice what we paid for it. That could be seen as a reason to sell, but we do like living here. I tend to be a person who looks to make what I have work, rather than looking for something new, and so we’ve certainly saved money that way on fixing up what we have instead of upgrading to a new place.”

Feature Story Illustrator James Newton

Meet Roanoke-based illustrator and animator James Newton

“The reason I do what I do is not to necessarily express myself but to connect with people. Even though I spend 90 percent of my time in my office, the most important work comes whenever I sit down with that client to get to know them, try to figure out their vision, talk shop with them, or share my work with other people and see how it resonates.”

Feature Story Indiana Vintage Market in Indianapolis.

Q&A with Indiana Vintage Market co-organizer Sam Brann

Indiana Vintage Market comes to Fort Wayne for the first time on July 20 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center from noon to 5 p.m.

Feature Story Friends gather to play at Hileman Farms, which features 5 private pickleball courts.

‘Keep them local’: How proposed pickleball courts in Wabash County promote placemaking

“It’s been amazing how many people locally have approached me and said that they've been playing for years and they love the sport and can't wait to have courts. It’s been neat to see the response and the positivity.”

Feature Story A heat sensor from CAPA Strategies attached to a car in Utah.

The City of Fort Wayne is launching an urban heat island mapping campaign

“I think the most important takeaway is that this is a chance for us to have some really important data that we can use to make well-thought-out, well-researched decisions in the future."

Feature Story Smores ice cream in a bubble waffle cone from Pufferbelly Ice Cream.

#PlacesofNEI: Pufferbelly Junction Ice Cream serves up scoops and sweets on the Riverfront

Pufferbelly Junction Ice Cream sells ice cream by the scoop in a variety of flavors, including dairy-free options.

Feature Story Parkview Senior Club

How older adults in Indiana are staying connected and continuing to learn

“Our goal in general is to combat the intimidating nature of the fast-paced world we’re living in. It can be hard to keep up.”

Partner Content Signage for the Double Up program at Ft Wayne's Farmers Market on Dynamo Alley.

Expanding the reach of Double Up Indiana, a SNAP-matching program

“Over the course of the last three and a half years, we have matched approximately $300,000 so that would be $300,000 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables that are going to families who pay with SNAP or food stamps.”

Partner Content Antonuccio’s Italian Market, a specialty Italian market in the 07 zip code

What is the Elevate Small Business Grant and how is it helping local entrepreneurs?

“At the Bank, we offer several different programs to support affordable housing development and homeownership, all of which are designed to support strong communities. The Elevate Small Business grant is that final piece of the puzzle needed to help build robust and thriving communities across our district.”

Feature Story BonJo talks about her artwork at Union Street Market.

Meet BonJo: A painter helping shape the future of Fort Wayne’s creative community

“I was just so excited to get my artwork out and seen and talk about it with people I don't know and see how people just break it down because art has its own story to every different eye. Having opportunities and being a part of the opportunities just builds your portfolio up. It builds your support system.”

Partner Content Dr. Alan Yahanda, president of the Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute

Meet Dr. Alan Yahanda, the new president of the Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute

“I’m excited to pursue new innovations in technology and treatment, and expand the availability of clinical trials for our patients. I also want the PFCI to continue to be a valued partner in the Fort Wayne community, not just in taking care of cancer patients, but also ensuring the health of the community as a whole through prevention and education.”

Feature Story Student nurses at IU Fort Wayne now receive Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) as part of their curriculum.

How IU Fort Wayne is enhancing its mental health education for student nurses and their patients

“Students are more prepared, have better mental health communication skills, and are overall more confident going into mental health facilities."

Feature Story Ripple, 2023

Middle Waves Music Festival returns with new leadership and plans for a long-lasting legacy

“We’re looking forward to having a legacy of a great music festival that we’ll grow over time. We’ll become a huge destination for people visiting our city, and in 10 or 20 years, people are going to think of Middle Waves way outside of Fort Wayne. It will be a destination.”

Feature Story Wolfe leads book clubs for participants.

ACPL librarian recognized nationally for creating programming for adults with disabilities

“I guess what I love the most is the library and library staff try really hard to meet the needs of everyone in the community regardless of what the needs are. It's a really good feeling to work in a place that people love and a place that exists just to help and to meet the needs of the community.”

Feature Story Students in Mr. Larsen's class add toppings to their quesadillas as part of the Cooking in the Classroom program.

How local organizations are using state funding to challenge the status quo around public health

“We all have to be very mindful that it's probably going to be at least 10 years until we start seeing actual changes in outcomes, such as obesity or food insecurity. As a state that took a long time to get where it got, it'll take a long time to begin to see betterment in that.”

Feature Story Le Tour de Fort 2023

Le Tour de Fort: Fort Wayne's largest bicycle pub crawl celebrates 15 years of supporting veterans

“Make sure there is air in your bicycle tires, ride with friends, and pace yourselves. It’s not a race, it’s a journey– a casual ride meant to be fun and of course, always obey all applicable laws.”

News The total collection of diapers and wipes from the 2023 drive.

Healthier Moms and Babies kicks off diaper drive

“When you donate to Healthier Moms and Babies, you’re supporting your neighbors right here in Northeast Indiana. When you donate diapers and wipes, we can provide more families with the resources they need so more babies stay clean, healthy, and dry.”

Feature Story Franke Park

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Departments shares programming and park updates

From educational programming to large construction projects, we explore what's happening this summer at Fort Wayne's parks.

Feature Story Cafe Manager Megan Spring makes a "Special Cappuccino Drink" at Tall Rabbit.

Tall Rabbit Cafe provides life-changing opportunities and a sense of community

“People will stay for three or four hours and buy one coffee. That doesn’t help us, but it doesn’t hurt us either because they fall in love with who we are and it allows us to be able to open the doors to our mission. They get to learn and see what’s going on in our baristas’ lives.”

Feature Story Kayakers make their way down the Wabash River.

Wabash County provides experiences for runners, cyclists, kayakers and the everyday adventurer

“These days, with many people being able to do remote work, outdoor recreation is a real plus for any community. Gone are the days of just building factories for people to work. You need so much more to acquire and retain talent. People are much more aware of quality of life. You absolutely have to have several amenities to keep families. Outdoor activity, along with housing, schools, safety, arts and culture are the key aspects of what attracts people to your community.”

Feature Story The expansion of the Zollner Center resulted in a cutting-edge facility, spanning over 70,000 square feet.

Driving Collaboration: Indiana Tech's Zollner Center renovation aims to spark industry partnerships

“For our students, they are getting real-world, hands-on experiences working on key projects for innovative companies. For corporations and entrepreneurs, they are gaining access to facilities, research and development services that are making a difference on their bottom line. The regional economy here in Northeast Indiana benefits from both of these things.”

Feature Story Gavin Thomas Drew, artistic director for Summit City Musical Theatre and an educator at East Noble High School

Meet Gavin Thomas Drew: Playwright, director, educator and theatre powerhouse

“I love living in Fort Wayne because of the opportunity that Fort Wayne has always given me, from a child to now. We have a love for the arts, we have a love for our neighbor. There's something so inviting about that.”

Feature Story A sign at Main Street and Calhoun Street reminds people of the rules within the new Downtown DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area).

Downtown DORA: What is it and what can you expect?

On May 5, Fort Wayne's first designated outdoor refreshment area, or DORA, will launch in downtown Fort Wayne. We explore what a DORA is, how it works, and the expected impact on the surrounding community.

Feature Story Summit City Climbing Co. is Fort Waynes first climbing gym.

A look inside Fort Wayne’s first climbing gym

After much anticipation from the local climbing community, Fort Wayne is finally home to a climbing gym. We take a look inside Summit City Climbing Co.

Feature Story The Pearl

#PlacesofNEI: The Pearl prepares to provide retail space, apartments and more in downtown Fort Wayne

Scheduled to open its doors in September, The Pearl, a Surack Enterprises development, promises to be a dynamic addition to our cityscape.

Feature Story Designated Downtown Fort Wayne DORA to-go cups

10 things to know about Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas (DORAs) in Fort Wayne

City officials, in partnership with Downtown Fort Wayne, announced its first Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas (DORA), here's what you need to know ahead of its launch.

Feature Story L3Harris Technologies Fort Wayne Aerospace

How the aerospace industry built a market and a legacy in Fort Wayne

“It’s exciting from an engineering standpoint to bring in these earlier career engineers or big career engineers and have them get to work on some of the most sophisticated and important technologies for national defense. Hopefully, that will continue the push to continue to get more and more engineers and to bring people into the community to grow and expand.”

Feature Story Inside Modoc's Market

Legacy, community and a vision: Meet the people who have transformed downtown Wabash

“Those visionaries kind of instilled the culture of reinvestment back into your community and then what that has led to is that just being the way of life here in Wabash County is then you see other people who have chosen to do that as well."

Feature Story Cory Krueckeberg

Meet Cory Krueckeberg, the Fort Wayne-born filmmaker behind the feature film ‘Glitter & Doom’

“I've told people ever since I left Fort Wayne and went to college, the amount of culture and art that is in this small town in the middle of cornfields is kind of amazing and nobody would really believe me, but it really is. I'm very, very proud to have come from that and I'm very excited that the film is playing there for that reason– to be a part of that.”

Feature Story  Bottle Green Refillery Owner Corinna Shoemaker refills a bottle with a lavender & lime essential oils bubble bath.

Less plastic, less worry: Two Fort Wayne refilleries are paving a path for easier sustainable living

“I know a lot of people — even my neighbors and friends — are having a hard time wrapping their brain around a refillery. It’s really not as difficult as some people think it is. And you don't have to dive all at once. We have people who just purchase the multipurpose cleaner or hand soap. You just have to start somewhere; it doesn't have to be all or nothing.”

Feature Story Construction crews are currently working on the garage for The Lofts at Headwaters Park.

#PlacesofNEI: Construction for The Lofts at Headwaters Park is underway

The Lofts at Headwater's Park will have approximately 208 apartments, 15 for-rent townhomes, and 9,650 square feet of retail and office space, plus a 650-space parking garage.

Partner Content Representatives of the collaborative and IU Health.

Refugee Health Collaborative: Local organizations unite to reach underserved populations

"We know resettling in a new country comes with a lot of challenges, and physicians can only do so much—which is why providing wraparound services is really important. The St. Joseph Community Health Foundation has done a great job with bringing partners together, so we didn’t have to bring in any organizations from outside this Fort Wayne community.”

Feature Story The Hive Coffee Shop is located at 7120 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46814.

A new brew in southwest Fort Wayne: The Hive offers community, coffee, & gluten-free treats

“I've been a coffee connoisseur, but I’ve never run a coffee shop, so this has been different, but we've been so blessed to have the most amazing staff join our team who have great experience. We’ve partnered with Utopian Roastery and they've provided so much training and support to get us up to speed on all of it.”

Feature Story A Fire & Light Production of "The Wizard of Oz."

Is Fort Wayne’s theatre scene growing? Performers and directors weigh in

“No one goes into the arts and musical theater for the money. We go into it because we love it and we thrive to create and to make opportunities and then to cultivate environments of inclusion. That alone is worth the four hours of sleep that I might get on a weeknight.”

Feature Story Creator Space Founder Zach Vessels at the Creator Space 1 Year Bash at Papi's Pizza on The Landing.

Meet the visionary behind Creator Space Fort Wayne, a networking event for local creatives

“I wanted to make it so it was an open environment where anybody can feel welcome whether they're in high school trying to figure out what they want to get into or you know a seasoned professional that's been doing this for 10 years.”

Feature Story Rod Bice, left, and David Lee at 2 Crazy Crystal Guys, a Metaphysical supply store at 4007 S Wayne Ave, Fort Wayne, IN.

'2 Crazy Crystal Guys' of Fairmount Neighborhood on metaphysical supplies and big renovations

"We like helping people. When we are able to help a person find that special crystal, seeing their reactions confirms we are doing what we are supposed to be doing."

Feature Story Nawa Bison Deck

Your guide to outdoor dining in Fort Wayne

As warmer temperatures return, so does outdoor dining. In this Fort Wayne Foodslut Guide, the anonymous foodie scopes out over 60 Fort Wayne restaurants with outdoor dining options, including dog and kid-friendly patios.

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