Feature Story Bill Blass (1922-2002) was a famous fashion designer born in Fort Wayne who went on to develop a brand that would define "American style."

How much do you know about Bill Blass? Fort Wayne honors its fashion entrepreneur who beat the odds

Kathy Carrier, Owner/CEO of briljent, shares why she and a group of locals are celebrating 100 Days of Bill Blass—a South Side graduate, a member of the Ghost Army, and a famous fashion designer raised in Fort Wayne.  

Feature Story Jenee Johnson is Program Manager for Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana (JANI).

Investing in People: Validating and spotlighting young entrepreneurs in Fort Wayne

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana’s Jenee Johnson shares how she meets young entrepreneurs—and introduces them to Fort Wayne’s network of support.

Feature Story Jamie Curtis in her apartment on Edgewater Ave. in the Lakeside Park neighborhood.

Home Tours: Explore a cigar-factory-turned apartment by the riverfront near Downtown Fort Wayne

“I’d say my greatest inspiration comes from living in Haiti, my island home—a place filled with life and color. I want my apartment to reflect that.”

Feature Story Austin Mack (center), who is the 49ers wide receiver and a Bishop Luers graduate. with Adrian Curry of The Art Leadership Center during a presentation at the Juneteenth Macknificent Freedom Fest at McMillen Park on June 18, 2022.

Photo series: Celebrating Juneteenth in Fort Wayne

The Macknificent Freedom Fest is Fort Wayne's official, week-long Juneteenth celebration.

Partner Content Arts United President Susan Mendenhall (right) talks with Adrian Curry about the significance of Juneteenth.

10 minutes with Mr. Adrian Curry: Exploring the history and significance of Juneteenth in Fort Wayne

Mr. Adrian Curry and Arts United President Susan Mendenhall explore the national and local history of Juneteenth and its significance in Fort Wayne's community.

Feature Story Home visits are a key part of Healthier Moms and Babies' programs. Here a home visitor chats with a mom and her baby.

Here's a question, Fort Wayne: 'How can we as a community raise our mothers?'

As Indiana continues to see maternal and infant mortality rates higher than the national average, what is being done to support the physical and mental health of Hoosier moms?

Feature Story Alexys Esslinger hikes through Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado.

Blog: Why I quit my full-time job to travel the country

“I made the decision in the middle of the desert that I was going to quit my job and trade financial stability for ultimate freedom. I made a vow with myself and my wife that we would no longer do things that made us unhappy; we would pursue our dreams and alter our lives to match our true desires.”

Partner Content The St. Marys Stage at Middle Waves Music Festival comes alive at night.

Middle Waves is back! Now what does it take to make Fort Wayne a ‘Music City?'

People in the local music scene share ideas, from building on assets, to supporting mid-sized venues, and increasing wages for artists.

Feature Story Fat & Skinny Tire Fest had more than 2,000 participants and somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 spectators this year.

Mark your calendar for this annual lakeside bike festival with riding, touring, racing and more

Whether you enjoy casual bike riding, touring, racing, or all three, there’s a regional festival you won’t want to miss.

Partner Content Camille Schuelke examines a plant growing on a “farm wall” inside the Parkview Community Greenhouse in Learning Kitchen in Fort Wayne.

Greenhouse and Kitchen provide food and education in the fight for good nutrition against hunger

“We’re trying to lessen the amount of food insecurity and teach people about sustainability, how to grow food, how to prepare food, and just about food, too."

Feature Story Mr. Adrian Curry, who is part of the team leading this year’s celebration, at the Elders Jubilee.

Happy Juneteenth! Celebrate at Fort Wayne's Macknificent Freedom Fest

“It is a time to educate, organize, and celebrate the Black community. It is about unity in the community. Our mission is to develop Renaissance Leaders and connect people and organizations with a collective conscience for community welfare and events, locally and abroad.”

Feature Story There's a new Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument at the corner of Ewing and W. Main Street.

#PlacesofNEI: Artists share plans for a new Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument in Fort Wayne

The Fort Wayne Public Art Commission hosted an artist talk at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art about the Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Feature Story Portrait of John Guingrich, President/CEO of The League at The League For the Blind - Disabled.

How all-abilities friendly is Fort Wayne, and what’s being done to advance universal design?

How is Fort Wayne accommodating and supporting people with disabilities, and what could be done to improve conditions and infrastructure for all?

Feature Story Student Margaret Wheeler blogs about her firsthand experience as a high schooler in Northeast Indiana, contemplating the decisions facing her peers and what her own future holds.

Blog: High School graduation is here. What are Fort Wayne’s students going to do next?

Student Margaret Wheeler blogs about her firsthand experience as a high schooler in Northeast Indiana, contemplating the decisions facing her peers and what her own future holds.

Partner Content Indiana Michigan Power Center’s Corporate Headquarters in Fort Wayne has glass walls wherever possible to maximize access to natural light.

Want your employees to come back to the office? Rethink how your workplace impacts mental health

Creating work environments where employees can thrive is simpler than some might think. Here’s how some Fort Wayne businesses are prioritizing mental health in their design decisions.

Partner Content Christopher J. Murphy of Youtheatre and Rachelle Reinking of Arts United discuss theatre's impact in Fort Wayne.

9 minutes with Christopher J. Murphy: Youtheatre Assistant Director discusses theatre's impact

Christopher J. Murphy of Fort Wayne Youtheatre discusses the impact and opportunities theatre brings to young artists.

Feature Story "Fort Wayne’s 1840 canal boat replica is offering 45- and 90-minute tours."

#PlacesofNEI: Fort Wayne's Sweet Breeze canal boat is back for the 2022 season

"Fort Wayne’s 1840 canal boat replica is offering 45- and 90-minute tours."

Feature Story The Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline.

What is your first impression of Fort Wayne? Midwest travel writers fill us in on their visit

"Most of my friends and family asked 'why?' when I told them I had visited Fort Wayne. I was happy to give them a lot of great reasons."

Feature Story Brian Kruschwitz, Education Artistic Manager at Honeywell Foundation shows off  a hat that helps swat away flies that he uses for storytelling at the Honeywell Center.

These free programs are bringing art into Indiana classrooms to aid learning and support teachers

"There are certain kids who have a tough time with ‘normal’ learning.' The arts is where they really come alive in a way you don't see in an average classroom."

Feature Story From right: Terri Francis-Alfed, owner, and Bobbi Palmer, assistant sales, help customer Kelly Thompson with a purchase at The Francis Shoppe.

How do small businesses survive in small towns? These shops in rural Indiana are thriving on tourism

Small businesses boost local economies and elevate a town’s sense of place. Here’s how entrepreneurs are helping small businesses thrive in Wabash County.  

Feature Story Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) briefs journalists about his "Yes in my backyard" bill, requiring local planners to report when they are implementing historically discriminatory land use and zoning policies.

Indiana senator's 'Yes in my Backyard' bill sheds light on discriminatory land use & zoning policies

Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) briefs journalists in the Fort Wayne Media Collaborative about a bill, requiring local planners to report when they are implementing historically discriminatory land use and zoning policies.  

Feature Story From 6-8 p.m. every Friday in June, July, and August, there's a free, live, outdoor concert on The Landing courtesy of Downtown Live!

Mark your calendar for 13 free summer events in Downtown Fort Wayne

Fun and affordable events to enjoy with your family and friends in 2022.

Partner Content Rachelle Reinking, Director of Communications for Arts United, chats with Francisco Reyes, a local artist, about Fort Wayne Open Walls and Wrecklords events.

7 minutes with Francisco Reyes: Artist shares the origin of Fort Wayne Open Walls

"When I moved here, I met so many people whose plan it was to leave because (Fort Wayne) didn't have this or that. The thing that always got me was: You could have that, but you have to build it. The benefit of that is: You can build it without gates."

Feature Story Expanded to include Brunch on Barr, YLNI Farmers Market customers can find select produce, coffee, baked goods, crafts, jewelry, and much more this summer.

#PlacesofNEI: Explore the vibrant outdoor YLNI Farmers Market

"Expanded to include Brunch on Barr, customers at the YLNI Farmers Market can find select produce, coffee, baked goods, crafts, jewelry, and much more on Barr and Berry Street!"

Feature Story Kibwe Cooper, the host of 'Empower You Podcast', works on a podcast in his studio at home.

Meet 4 people starting conversations about culturally competent mental health care in Fort Wayne

For the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to grapple with their mental healthcare in the same way they often do with their physical healthcare. Perhaps, as a result, more people in Fort Wayne are amplifying their voices and coping tools for working through mental health challenges.

Feature Story The former “Five Points” intersection has become a roundabout, providing for improved traffic flow, increased safety, and likely leading to lower annual costs.

Construction season is here: How do new developments affect traffic in Fort Wayne, and what’s next?

Looking to the future, what plans does Fort Wayne have to adapt to changing traffic patterns in the city? And what traffic alleviation methods might make sense?  

Feature Story Pave the Path graduates, Irasema Hernandez Trujillo and Sara Dayani Llopis-Guevara, co-founded the nonprofit Stronger Together Latinx, Inc.

Investing in people: This Fort Wayne program helps youth ‘Pave the Path’ to the future they want

This story is part of a series exploring what “investing in people” looks like, starting with a Fort Wayne program that helps youth expand their horizons by building personal brands.  

Partner Content Parkview Police Officer Htoo Doh works on an art piece.

From Burma to Fort Wayne: This Parkview police officer is a public servant and artist

“My road has not been easy. I have failed many times throughout this journey, but giving up was not an option. Failures break my heart, but they can’t break my spirit, and I am grateful for what I’ve accomplished in my life.”

Feature Story Kristen Guthrie, VP of Marketing and Communication at Visit Fort Wayne and Dan Ross of Arts United discuss the arts and culture scene in Fort Wayne.

10 minutes with Kristen Guthrie: Fort Wayne storyteller shares the vision to become a 'Music City'

"What's it mean to be a music city, and how do we pursue that?" 

Feature Story The Castle Gallery in West Central offers a unique experience with artwork in a historic setting.

#PlacesofNEI: The historic Castle Gallery in West Central

Built in 1905 and restored in 1983, the Castle Gallery offers a unique experience with artwork in a historic setting.

Feature Story Reusser web design agency has a four-day workweek and a hybrid schedule. They collaborate in their Downtown Roanoke office two days each week.

Hybrid work: What is it? Where is it happening in Fort Wayne, & how does it affect business culture?

A hybrid or flex model of work is emerging as the “new normal,” and it's changing how people interact with their offices—and their cities.

Feature Story Rachelle Reinking, Director Of Communications at Arts United, interviews artist Lyndy Bazile.

8 minutes with Lyndy Bazile: AfroPlump artist shares how she’s making space for People of Color

“Coming up in Fort Wayne, most of the art spaces I’ve been in have been majority white spaces…. I wanted to be very intentional about extending an invitation and making it a priority to invite People of Color to my art workshops.”

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