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News A restored alley in the Historic South Wayne neighborhood.

Could restored alleys bring neighbors closer together?

News Fort Wayne is improving streets to accommodate people of all abilities.

How do you make neighborhoods more inclusive?

News The Model Group's Project Manager Matthew Cowan moved to Fort Wayne to work on The Landing.
News Land Collective's David Rubin says the variety of Fort Wayne's park spaces makes the city special.
News The city has looked to both public and private investment in redeveloping its corridors.
News The KC Streetcar drops off riders at the doorstep of downtown businesses.
Feature Story A passenger rail service has been proposed from Chicago, IL, to Columbus, OH, through Fort Wayne.
Feature Story Boomerang
Feature Story The New Haven Community Center has become a center of local life since it opened in 2017.

A robust parks plan is enhancing New Haven

Feature Story Electric Works is the largest project Fort Wayne has considered in recent years.

What type of place is Fort Wayne going to be?

News Three types of LED lighting have been installed under the Barr Street overpass.

Should lighting under the Barr Street overpass stay?

Feature Story Open Streets encourages people of all ages to play in the street.

From downtown to playground: This is the power of Open Streets

News There are seven communities in the NewAllen Alliance of East Allen County.
News Historic City Square in Van Wert, Ohio.

A look at New Urbanism in the Midwest

News The 765 pulls into the LaSalle Street station in Chicago on one of its excursions.

What's happening with Headwaters Junction?

Feature Story Fort Wayne's trails see more than 60,000 visitors a month during the summer.

How trails are connecting communities

News Design Week Fort Wayne is an annual celebration of design.

A sneak peek at Design Week