'Go For IT': Indiana Tech's new tagline is a call to action for students of all types

Indiana Tech has grown in recent years in student population and academic programs. So it’s fitting that the private college east of downtown Fort Wayne has adopted a new tagline that encompasses its “can do” spirit.

The slogan, “Go for IT,” can be seen on banners across campus. Soon the public will notice a billboard near campus, as well as print and digital marketing collateral that reflects the new direction. (The marketing campaign will officially launch in January.) The university engaged local firm Asher Agency on media placement. 

Engelhart say Indiana Tech is evolving with the times with the introduction of its certificate program. Indiana Tech's Vice President of Marketing and Communications Brian Engelhart says the phrase is an acronym (a nod to the institution’s initials, IT), but it also represents a call to action.

In his words, “it’s directing people to pursue a bright future in the form of higher education,” whether they are traditional students or working adults.

Engelhart says his marketing team put a great deal of thought into developing a phrase that encompassed their mission and vision, as well as their future.

This decision was not made in a vacuum. The process was informed by a market study, conducted by a higher ed research firm on their behalf, which spanned several months.

“We wanted to assess where we are in terms of current students and alumni to identify strengths and challenges," he says.

Speaking of challenges, Engelhart says Indiana Tech's leadership is trying to acknowledge both its rich tradition, but also the changing landscape of higher education in this country with more online courses and adults going back to school for degrees or certificates. They wanted to communicate they are more than a place to study engineering or business. 

“We are a traditional four-year university with legacy alumni, but we also have a large, thriving (adult student) population throughout the U.S. and Indiana,” he says. “We needed a better picture of who we are.”

In other words, Indiana Tech wanted to know where its stakeholders saw it heading. Engelhart says these conversations produced some great insight that allowed the university to be more intentional in its messaging. 

According to Engelhart, Indiana Tech is not one to rest on its laurels. It’s a dynamic institution, always looking at what’s next. For example, last fall it launched an online certificate program for adults. 

Whether it’s a certificate or traditional bachelor’s degree, Engelhart wants to make it clear that the university is poised to help. 

“(Indiana Tech) is a place that can get you to where you’re going next.”

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Lauren Caggiano is a Fort Wayne-based writer. A 2007 graduate of the University of Dayton, she returned to Northeast Indiana to pursue a career. In the past 12 years she has worked in journalism, public relations, marketing, and digital media. She currently writes for several local, regional, and national publications.
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