Social Innovation

NewsJennifer Crampton and Michael Lude are an artistic powerhouse.
NewsThe Backyard Creamery and Miniature Golf is bringing year-round entertainment to Angola.
NewsBurned-In Teacher helps educators be their best personally and professionally.
NewsSouthwest Honey Co. co-founders Megan Ryan and Alex Cornwell
NewsSherry, center, and Clydia, right, enjoy connecting with the Green Hair community.
NewsBluffton's facade grant program has been a catalyst for economic development.
NewsThe Model Group's Project Manager Matthew Cowan moved to Fort Wayne to work on The Landing.
NewsTrue Kimchi is a food startup founded by Samantha Yim.

True Kimchi: How a Korean staple is spicing up northeast Indiana

NewsThe NIIC works with individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.

What does it mean to be a Certified Tech Park for entrepreneurs?

Feature StorySocial media has changed the way city governments operate.
NewsJust Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network provides temporary housing for homeless families in Fort Wayne.
NewsKenesha Williams-Aro is the founder and owner of Imperial Business Management, which helps business owners with taxes, accounting, and payroll services.
Feature StoryFour couples in Fort Wayne were married in 1968; 50 years later, they’re still going strong.

In honor of Black History Month: 7 must-read stories in Fort Wayne's recent history

NewsGenesis Health Bar provides healthy food to the community as well as job training to people with disabilities.