Look for the Helpers: Share good deeds during COVID-19 with the Allen County Public Library

Everyone has a story, and now is the time to share yours. As the country and our community grapple with the pandemic, we want to discover and share the good deeds that continue to come from this event. Many of us from a young age have been told to “look for the helpers.” Our helpers can be doing any good deed, small or large. Let’s “look for the helpers” by sharing their stories.

What to Share

Images of someone doing something kind (with their permission)
  • Parade of teachers through their students’ neighborhood
  • Thank you notes in front of hospitals
  • Children helping at home
  • People delivering food to shut-ins
  • Restaurants turning into take-out locations overnight
  • Virtual conversations with family

Writings or recordings of a good deed (audio or video)
  • A record of how someone helped you
  • The risks our medical staff are taking
  • Writing about sewing masks

Teaching a family member to make bread

Why it is Important to Share

We are living through a historic event that will be studies for years, decades, and centuries to come. We need to document this history. We have chosen to ask for examples of people doing good or pulling together in this time of need. We can then look at the encouraging things that have come out of this terrible period.

How to Share:

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