Letter from the Editor: True unity requires reconciliation

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, concerned citizens raised many important questions regarding the way local leadership has handled the George Floyd protests in Fort Wayne.

Why did a Unity March happen last week before public apologies have been made to protesters by the Mayor and Police Chief for the use of tear gas, mace, and rubber bullets on May 29-30?

Will the charges against nonviolent protesters be dropped, and how will amends be made?

Will Fort Wayne acknowledge the role it has played in perpetuating systemic racism and oppression within its community and law enforcement, which led to the violence displayed at the protests in the first place?

How will our city change as a result of these protests?

How will we reimagine the role of police officers in our community?

What specific measures will be taken to ensure the safety of people of color here?

Answering these questions will not be easy, but it is a responsibility our leaders must accept if they wish to advance equity and achieve true unity in Fort Wayne.

As our contributor Pastor Angelo Mante says so eloquently: “Any hope of actual unity must bear in mind the commitment unity requires of us.”

Our issue this week is a call to action, elevating the voices of those ready to help Fort Wayne effectively make amends and step into this next chapter of self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-reform, so our city can achieve the unity and inclusion it claims to desire.

We ask you to read their stories and heed their words.


Kara Hackett
Managing Editor of Input Fort Wayne

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Kara Hackett is a Fort Wayne native fascinated by what's next for northeast Indiana how it relates to other up-and-coming places around the world. After working briefly in New York City and Indianapolis, she moved back to her hometown where she has discovered interesting people, projects, and innovations shaping the future of this place—and has been writing about them ever since. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @karahackett.
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