Input Home Tours: Explore a classic, chill residence in the heart of The 07

As residents “rediscover” their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're seizing the opportunity to explore some of the coolest and most interesting living spaces in Northeast Indiana as a part of our Input Home Tours series.

This week, husbands
Kody Tinnel and Cory Allen share their fully remodeled chill, classic home with us in the heart of The 07, where they live in the 1300 block of W. Foster Pkwy. with their rescue pup Miley.

Husbands Kody Tinnel and Cory Allen with their adopted dog Miley.

How long have you lived in this home?

We moved here in October 2014.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves: How long you’ve lived in Fort Wayne and where you work around town.

I (Kody) am a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne. I graduated from South Side High School, earned two degrees at (then) IPFW, and current serve as the Manager of Talent Acquisition and Retention for Fort Wayne Community Schools.

I (Cory) grew up about 30 minutes north of Fort Wayne and moved to Fort Wayne for college in 2007. I am a Realtor with The Regan + Ferguson Group, a boutique Brokerage serving NE Indiana.

Husbands Kody Tinnel and Cory Allen.

Tell us about your space: How old it is, what type of house/unit it is, how many beds and baths.

Our house was built in 1940. With just under 2,000 sq/ft, we have three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

What inspired you to move into this home?

Just after finishing a complete remodel on our last house, I (Cory) had the itch to do it again. As soon as this house went on the market, we only had a super short timeframe to decide and with a little coaxing, I was able to convince Kody, too. It was the perfect size for us, had super solid bones, and was a great project for us to make our own.

Tell us about your neighborhood and what you love about living there.

The Foster Park Neighborhood is a pretty special place, and there is no other spot we would rather call home. Even before we met any of our neighbors, the towering tree canopy, proximity to Foster Park (a true gem!), and the unique historic homes sold us. Neighbors-turned-friends has been an added bonus.

How would you describe your design style?

For us, describing our style in one word is tough. We were super intentional about finding timeless pieces that we loved—mixing old and new, bold and cozy, classic and chill.

Our style is a clean/modern version of eclectic, maybe?

What advice do you have for others looking to update their space in Fort Wayne? Any local shops or resources you would recommend?

I think we both struggle with being patient, and if there is any advice we would share, it would be that updating both inside and outside is a process (oftentimes a never-ending process). Enjoy the journey, and don’t rush it. We found that when we worried less about things matching and just focusing on things we loved, the finished product was exactly what we had hoped for. And don’t forget about the live plants/fresh flowers.

We tried to source local for as much as we could, and some of our favorite pieces have come from local retailers, antique stores, and auctions. Cory’s mom, a local interior designer (shout out to Mary Allen Designs), was able to provide us with the tie-breaker vote when we needed it.

Saying that your home has striking curb appeal is an understatement. Tell us about your journey with your garden and outdoor spaces.

When we moved into the home six years ago, the exterior was a mostly blank slate. The backyard was just grass, and the front lacked dimension, but over the years we have added to our landscaping in phases. We started with an initial design consult with our good friends at Jim Brubaker Designs. They put together the foundation of much of our landscaping plan, while allowing us the opportunity to make it our own.

Over the past year and a half, we have been able to spend more time and energy enhancing our backyard. Gardening became a much-needed and much enjoyed hobby during the thick of the pandemic. It gave us a good reason to get outside and enjoy the nature around us.

Upon entering your home, it’s obvious you pay special attention to lighting. Tell us about your approach to illuminating your space. 

Accent lighting and interesting fixtures add layers to a space. More than anything, we just try to find light fixtures that we enjoy looking at, that flow with the rest of the house, and are functional for the space. Continuing outside, we also like using small touches of landscaping lighting for aesthetic and practical reasons.

What is your favorite room/space in your home and your favorite piece of furniture or décor?

After about five different wall colors, the black living room is probably our favorite room in our house with the baby grand Packard piano being our favorite piece. The Packard Piano Company made high-quality organs and pianos in the late 1800s and early 1900s just a few blocks away from our house at what is now Packard Park. While neither of us can really play (except for a shoddy rendition of Heart and Soul), it’s cool to have a part of Fort Wayne history in our living room.

Another favorite is the antique chair in our living room that we inherited from Cory’s great-grandma. We had it recovered in a groovy yellow fabric.

You’ve got an awesome home office setup. Was this a new development during COVID? 

We joke that our home office looks a bit like a spaceship, but we love it. We have always had some type of functional home office, but it became even more critical when the COVID pandemic set in. With both of us shifting to working from home full time we needed a space where both of us could be productive from home.

Your walls are filled with art. What are you inspired by, and where do you like to source your art? Do you have any favorite pieces? 

Avoiding box stores as much as we could, most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind. Supporting local artists, antique stores, and estate sales and then adding in family photos and personal memories, We like art that is unique and adds to the overall comfortable vibe we are trying to maintain in our home.

As a way to commemorate lost loved ones, we commission works from local artists. Paintings of Kody’s dad and former pet Bailey—both of whom passed in 2017—are cherished pieces that are featured prominently.

Last, but not least: What do you love about living in Fort Wayne, in general?

In addition to the proximity to our families (definitely important to us), Fort Wayne has been a great place to lay down roots for many reasons. We found a home we love in an awesome neighborhood, fulfilling educational and career opportunities, diverse social circles, and many opportunities to be active participants in the community.

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