Contribute to our community poem: COVID-19 is...

What is your COVID-19 experience? We're starting an ongoing community poem of sorts to chronicle the complexities of this life-altering experience. Send us a one-liner (or five), and we'll add your lines to the list.

To participate, simply comment on our Facebook group discussion, or email [email protected] #COVID19is

We're going to kick things off to show you how it's done.

Week One
COVID-19 is...
  • suffering through low-quality internet
  • becoming an at-home barista
  • deciding what limited food to spend your limited money on
  • triaging what departments in an organization are worth saving
  • trying to convince people their job is not "essential" so a building can isolate and close
  • struggling through technology issues in Excel remotely and not in person
  • filling out reports justifying things that we should be doing anyway
  • trying to schedule meetings in days full of meetings
  • attempting communication with locked-in relatives
  • building frameworks to emerge stronger in an already turbulent environment
  • feeling bored one minute and overwhelmed the next
  • wondering why all these meetings weren't emails in the first place
  • putting on a nice shirt for video conferences, so they don't know you're wearing pajama bottoms
  • ...
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