Blog: How you can support Fort Wayne’s nonprofits during (and after) COVID-19

My biggest passion is finding ways for everyone to give back to our community, and in these uncertain times, it is a matter of now or never.

While we’re all adjusting to staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s not forget about the vulnerable populations that are continuing to be served at the front lines by committed community members on a daily basis.

Please go out of your way this week to support the arts, support social services, support local charities because their services don’t stop when we do. And so far, Fort Wayne is doing a great job.

The rallying of our community around each other over recent weeks has made my giving heart explode with happiness, but I can only hope that this intense season of giving and community building continues after we resume our “new normal.”

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I founded The Greater Good of NEI, and we recently became a Benefit Corporation to show that we are not only passionate about doing good in our community, but also that we have an obligation to do good. The Greater Good of NEI supports community-driven engagement between nonprofits and “Do-Gooders” by managing exposure through a membership site. After all, doing good is our business.

We recently launched a Membership opportunity, via Patreon, as a means of providing monthly support to our nonprofit community while actively taking part in something greater, together. Each month membership funds will be allocated to a specific local cause, but the benefits won't stop with a contribution.

Through strategic social initiatives and financial transparency, you can be assured that each month we will be providing relevant information related to the various levels of community impact as a result of each membership.

Often, people may hesitate to give to a cause because they do not feel that their contribution will make a difference. But that’s just not the case here. When we combine our resources, we can maximize local impact to the greatest extent. Your seemingly small $5 membership becomes a powerful $100 contribution, and that’s a big deal.

As for The Greater Good of NEI, we are committed to supporting local missions because the needs of our community are great, but the power of giving back is greater.

Let’s take this time of fear and uncertainty and turn it into an opportunity to do more good on a regular basis.

Here are a few more ways you can support Fort Wayne’s nonprofits throughout the year.

  • Donate on their website
  • Call/email to see if they have any immediate needs
  • Follow their social media to see what current needs they may have
  • Share their stories on social media. Even if you can’t help now, someone might be able to
  • Choose a nonprofit on Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to the charity of your choice
  • Choose a nonprofit to receive Kroger Community Rewards
  • Follow The Greater Good of NEI on Facebook, and learn more

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Jennifer Norris-Hale is a boomerang resident of Fort Wayne. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and was in the apparel industry for over 10 years, spending most of that time building a career in Manhattan. Since returning to Fort Wayne in 2015 she has continued developing her true passion in philanthropy as the founder of The Greater Good Fort Wayne. She is a board member for Middle Waves and the Youth Services Bureau. Most importantly, she is a mother of three boys and truly enjoys getting them out and about to enjoy all that Fort Wayne has to offer.