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Feature Story DJ Polaris

Feature Story Portrait of LaQueisha Brown.

Feature Story Immigration lawyer Brian A. Seyfried demonstrates what the initial meeting looks like with a new client using staff members at his office the Law Office of Brian A. Seyfried.

Partner Content Frances Grant has a burgeoning soul food business, thanks in part to Brightpoint’s investment in her enterprise.

Partner Content Katz, Sapper & Miller, a CPA firm with an office in Fort Wayne, added a height adjustable desk to their reception area.

Feature Story Trolley No. 85 offers a robust lineup of programming through monthly experiences, tours, and events in Wabash County.

Partner Content Caroline Braun, Clinical Programs Manager for Parkview Behavioral Health Institute, shows what a normal 1-1 therapy session would look like with a client during a mock session at Park Center, 2710 Lake Ave.

Feature Story Kilwins is located at 626 S. Harrison Street near the Landing, they can be found in the same building as The Bradley Hotel.

Feature Story The Unity Mural is a celebration of Fort Wayne's diverse community, located between Promenade Park and The Landing.

Feature Story The Atlantic reports that because curb parking is perceived as "convenient" drivers typically "fill up the curb first, no matter how much off-street space exists nearby.”

Feature Story Newly renovated to include a basketball court, an outdoor chess park, a gathering space for families, and areas to rest, Powell Park was named to honor Hester and Lester Powell, who have helped maintain the park for years.

#PlacesofNEI: The newly renovated Powell Park in the '03

Partner Content There's parking under the railroad overpass only steps away from The Landing near Harrison and Dock streets.

Blog: 5 tips to park like a pro in Downtown Fort Wayne

Partner Content Students Ross Gosnell,Trenton Moore, Layla Durocher, Brenden Rowan, Trystin Music, and Gavin Nique work together on a multi-camera news project.
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