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Cynthia has been a member at The Carriage House since 2012. The Carriage House was founded in 1997 and is a certified "Clubhouse Model" program that assists people in their recovery from mental illness and reintegration into the community. Members work with staff on meaningful activities, building the confidence and self-esteem needed to reclaim their lives. “I just fell in love with the place, the people, and the environment. I didn’t even know I had mental health issues until I was 23. I had a breakdown and had attempted suicide several times. Now I feel welcome and part of something important. It’s incredible how fast friendships develop around here. I actually met my husband here. We are celebrating our second anniversary in August. Now, I do public outreach, help in the kitchen, assist with food prep for the house, help in the member bank, do kitchen accounting, and grocery shopping assistance. I work in housekeeping in a local hospital system and am part of my community. When I first came to The Carriage House, I was shy and didn’t know anyone. Now, I volunteer all the time, and this place has given me so many friendships with the staff and other members. In 2016, I told my story to 1,200 people at the annual fundraiser. Each day, we help each other in our recovery from mental illness. We help each other find jobs, find homes, and find ourselves. I have watched so many people blossom here and I am fortunate enough to be one of them.” #PeopleofNEI

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