The Kitchen & Company Wine Bar opens at Electric Works

What’s happening: The Kitchen & Company at the Union Street Market on the Electric Works Campus has expanded to include a wine bar in the East Hall.

They’re now serving up a large selection of wine and beer, all thoughtfully paired with cheese, cured meats, and bread at their wine bar.

Kitchen & Company Owner Jennifer KriderOwner Jennifer Krider says they’re focused on introducing a wide variety of wines to the Market, including Indiana-made wines and wines made in South Africa, California and Washington. Glasses of wine at the bar range from $7-$17 a glass and the menu will be updated to include new wine periodically. Krider says they always welcome suggestions from local wine connoisseurs too. 

In addition to wine and beer, customers can also order small bite plates, like pretzels, olive flights, and charcuterie plates. They’ll also be hosting themed pairing events in the near future. 

What they’re saying: “We felt like the wine bar was a natural addition to the charcuterie aspect of what we do,” says Krider. “Anytime you can combine drinking wine and eating cheese, it’s a good day! We already sold beer and wine on the other side, in the Kitchen shop, but this just gives people a place to actually sit and enjoy it, as well as our small bite charcuterie boards, our olive flights, our pretzel trios, and any of the other food items we offer. We really thought it was a great addition to the East Hall. It gives it an anchor and a place for people to gather.”

An Electric CoffeeMenu items that catch the eye: The Electric Coffee, an iced coffee with a twist. This drink is made from a coffee lager and includes chocolate coffee creamer, chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate syrup and whipped topping. Creatively named for the very campus it is served on.

The Bloody Barry– think Bloody Mary but made with a beer in lieu of vodka. This creation comes topped with a charcuterie skewer. 

Catawba from Dash 90 WineryKrider’s menu recommendations: “My absolute favorite wine is going to be this amazing Catawba from Dash 90 Winery, which is out of Wells County. It is a semi-dry white wine, a super easy-drinking wine. It pairs wonderfully with a sharp cheddar.”

From the food menu, Krider says she’d pick the Small Bites Charcuterie– “You get a lot of variety with the meats and the cheeses, all the savory stuff. It gives you a chance to try some stuff maybe you wouldn’t have tried any other time.”

Kitchen & Company history: “In 2017, my daughter, who is the director of operations, told me that I needed to let her film me cooking at home,” says Krider. “So she started doing live videos of me cooking on Facebook and very quickly we ended up with a few hundred thousand views on our videos. People were watching me cook and drink wine because I would drink wine while I was cooking at home. Then they started asking, ‘Can you cater this for me?’ or ‘Can you cook this for me?’ It was just a natural progression.”

After establishing the catering company, in 2019, Krider expanded into retail with a store and commercial kitchen in Columbia City. Kitchen & Company later opened a second store location at the Union Street Market, where they sell charcuterie essentials, fresh salads and wraps, platters, and dips.

“It’s been a great experience for us,” she says.

Hours: Kitchen & Co. is open at the Union Street Market on Broadway from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Sundays.

For more information on the Kitchen & Co. Wine Bar, click here.
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