New podcast! How Fort Wayne women are supporting each other as entrepreneurs

Welcome to “Women Are: Fort Wayne,” a podcast by Stephanie Gottesman and Traci Henning-Kolberg. Each week for 10 weeks, “Women Are” interviews local women in Fort Wayne about their creative pursuits and ideas, as well as the big-picture issues that all women face in achieving their goals.

This week, Andie Hines of Own Your Success shares her insights and wisdom into female entrepreneurship in northeast Indiana and the importance of women having a supportive community around them as they launch and run businesses. 

Andie Hines of Own Your Success

Hines shares her personal journey into starting her business and launching Own Your Success, a community for women entrepreneurs. In doing so, she offers valuable insights into a number of books that have helped her grow as a business owner (book list below). She also talks about the idea of work/life blending (as opposed to work/life balance) and goes deep into the work northeast Indiana has to do to support thriving female business owners.

As part of the solution, Hines offers a peek into the new women’s workspace she’s creating in Fort Wayne and the pre-accelerator program she’s working on to help get women access to venture capital.

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Check out Own Your Success on Facebook, or drop Hines an email at [email protected]. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

The song in today’s podcast is Dragonheart by elle/THE REMNANT. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Reading List from Today’s Episode:

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