Letter to the Editor: Verbal abuse should not and will not be tolerated in Fort Wayne

My name is Melissa Fisher, and I am the lead pastor at Faith United Methodist Church (FUMC). I read a report on wane.com, containing an offensive comment made by County Councilman Larry Brown in reference to local protestors who are seeking reforms to stop the unjustified killing of black people in America:

“As uneducated as they are, obviously, on local government, they do vote, and unfortunately, they also breed.” 

Usage of the word “breed,” which typically describes procreation by animals, implies the protesters are subhuman. 

What could have possessed a public servant to make such an unseemly declaration especially now? Our country is already in a state of chaos and confusion due to centuries of systemic racism and oppression of African Americans. Councilman Brown’s ill-advised comments only make matters worse. 

We cannot move forward in a positive direction as a community when intolerance, bias, and bigotry are shamelessly exhibited by elected officials. Verbal abuse of the protesters should not and will not be tolerated.

Councilman Brown was right about one thing: Voting is still a right we may exercise in our democracy to remove those from office who aren’t there to serve all the people. 

Note: This letter was written before Councilman Brown submitted his resignation from Allen County Council on Monday, June 22.

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