7 inspiring Fort Wayne Instagram accounts to follow

The Summit City is active on social media, and if you want to find some of the most inspiring local posts, look no further than Instagram. Around town, Igers of all types are garnering large followings for their accounts. Some involve art and creativity, while others relate more to their personal lives and adventures. Together, they tell the story of our evolving culture.

Here are 7 Fort Wayne Instagrammers you should follow.

1. Eden America @edenamerica

Eden’s account has a tropical vibe, featuring everything from her personal travel, to her local photography and botanical styling venture @photanical_series. In her posts, she writes about local businesses or bands she enjoys, and you can feel her love of nature in rich, earthy tones, or photos of flowers and outdoor scenery. For her 3,779 followers, her posts are a poetic reminder of the people across northeast Indiana who live intentionally.


Here’s a photo from a terrarium workshop I did with @photanical_series at @crestwoods ? . it’s been awhile but I’m back again! . This time I’m teaming up with @toindywithlove. We’re gonna make some mini terrariums and talk mental health at @futurefriendshmc next Friday 8/10 ??? . . . I’ve been yearning to deepen the conversations at my workshops & am so grateful to team up with an expert in adventure therapy with a special focus of POC/LGBTQ+ communities. This is for those of you not finding the help/support you need & wanting an expert to help you navigate where to go/what steps to take next, all the while being in a safe space to do so. . . Please DM me with any questions! Link in bio & we have a payment plan set up for those of you that need it! . . If you’re in FW & need a ride, let me know I’d love to help with transportation ??? . . Photography by @ruthyaro of @yaro.photography ?

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2. Brett Gauger @brettgauger

Brett’s Instagram is based mostly on living and working in downtown Fort Wayne, and through it, he invites others to experience what that’s like, too. A champion of local culture, he shares photos of food at Fort Wayne restaurants or public art in alleyways, and with 5,492 followers in tow, he hears from people all the time who tell him they’ve explored new parts of town thanks to what he posted.

Brett says that over the years, his Instagram account has allowed him to connect with a group of “community advocates” who want to create a positive vision of Fort Wayne. Now he wants to share that vision with everyone else. “This town is photogenic,” he says. “Building a journey through my visual storytelling efforts gives me an opportunity to develop a new path of vision."


Life is ignited in #DTFW. ?? #PublicArtFW #FortWayne #MyFortWayne

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3. Whitney Utesch @carpendaughter

Throughout Whitney’s feed, she shows off her decorating and thrifting skills in posts about design inspiration and updates she and her husband are making to their 1920s Fort Wayne home. From styling a shelf to experimenting with brightly colored couches, she keeps her 60,000 followers anxious to see what she’ll do next. Overall, her feed is a great example of what you can do with a space in Fort Wayne with some ingenuity and creative vision.  


4. Raul Perez @justshootmeraul

As the creator of the Change Your Fate local clothing company (@cyf_clothing), Raul Perez has an eye for design with a powerful mission. His Instagram shows off his products, which draw attention to the resilience of Dreamers amidst the national debate on immigration. A few of his posts show moments from his personal journey as an immigrant, too. Others highlight his life around town with artsy angles and international flair.


Preview from last night’s photoshoot? @cyf_clothing ?

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5. Sam Phen @wearethetraveler

Sam’s feed ranges from capturing the beauty in Indiana sunsets, to artfully chronicling his style and adventures, and sharing the smiles of a couple’s most magical moments. You can tell from his creative angles and filters that he is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing the spontaneity of everyday life. His personal posts and captions show off a wistful, romantic side of local life, too, sweeping his 10,700 followers off their feet.

Wine Wednesday ??? @countryheritagewinery #winetime

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6. Erin Loechner @erinloechner

Soft, refined images, true stories, and words of wisdom define Erin’s Instagram account. As an author, a local mom, and a creator of the popular lifestyle blog Design for Mankind, she inspires her followers in more ways than one. Her style and personal outlook have been hailed by the likes of HGTV, where she once hosted a TV show. But rather than the glitz and glam of the spotlight, it’s the honest, heartfelt moments she shares about her journey and her family that keep her 37,000 plus followers with her every step of the way.



I was raised a competitive swimmer. From dawn until dusk, I’d find myself either submerged in a pool perfecting my stroke, or thinking of such. I wore Speedo shirts. I rinsed the green out of my mane with Ultra Swim. I grew my leg hair to create drag, shaving it only before sectionals. I was ever passionate about swimming. I loved it. But it did not love me in return, or more specifically, it did not love my body. A series of recurring ear infection?s ?rendered my left ear legally deaf by the time I hit 30. My passion arrived with a choice: Do I quit swimming, or quit hearing? What I’m saying is this: the sweet spot is not void of conflict. Our passions do not materialize without tension, our dreams are not delivered in tidiness. The beauty, then, is not in finding our passion. It’s in choosing to live it anyway. That is the sweet spot, the glorious mess of it all. The children we love who drive us momentarily? insane. The job we’re crazy about, except for that commute. The relationship that arrives with emotional baggage. The nation we yearn for, all faults and furies. Passion is not absent of pressure. Significance is not absent of stress. Love is not absent of loss. Hum anyway. Smile at your inbox. High-five that security guard. Go ahead; walk on air. You don’t need to live your life’s passion to live a passionate life. The sweet spot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But life? Life is.

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7. Sean O’Leary @scornfulcow

A graphic designer by trade, Sean captures the attention of his 980 followers with high-energy, high-resolution photos that convey a sense of action. His Instagram showcases everything from local concerts at the new Clyde Theatre to iconic Fort Wayne scenery downtown or at the Children’s Zoo. Scroll through his feed, and you’ll feel the excitement and momentum that’s taking northeast Indiana by storm.


Who are your favorite Instagrammers in the Fort Wayne area?

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