#PeopleofNEI: Kyle, fighting cancer with confidence

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Kyle is a father, filmmaker, author, speaker, and mind warrior. To observe Kyle is to see him directly connected to the people and surroundings around him. He is remarkably kind and focused on each person he comes into contact with. He lives and works in Fort Wayne, and is open about his fight with brain cancer. “I was diagnosed in November of 2016 with stage 4 brain cancer after a CAT scan showed 4 tumors. I went into surgery before I turned 32 as my then-wife was carrying our second child. I told the doctors that cancer never met a guy like me. It was in my world now and I was ready to fight. Cancer is evil. It has an intelligence. My doctors were telling me to plan my funeral but I became a cancer samurai. Thoughts are so important. The frequency of my thoughts was more important than what any doctor was going to tell me. I was born a warrior. Four months after treatment, my brain status was labeled as ‘unremarkable’ because that is what the machine printed out. My brain was so normal that the machine had nothing to remark on. They couldn’t explain it and I have been cancer free since then. I believe that beating cancer starts with your mind. I wrote a book called ‘Brain Status Unremarkable’ that is available for a free download at 5millionbrains.com. I am working to get the book translated into all languages so it can reach the entire world. The goal of the book is to find a much bigger purpose than being cancer free. People are learning to dive inside themselves first. I want people to understand their godly power. I want people to flip the script on fear. Being a mind warrior is a certain stance to take against every challenge in life so that you can be and know exactly who you are. Not for a second did I think cancer was going to kill me.” #PeopleofNEI

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