#PeopleofNEI: Nancy, having a dream come true

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Nancy Carlson Dodd is 82 and thriving. She exudes a passion and energy that would easily compete with someone in their twenties. She is currently working on a new musical that will debut at the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre in downtown Fort Wayne. “I worked throughout my life and was always writing even during long periods of time when my focus was helping to put my kids through college. There were times when I was working two jobs and I didn’t get to focus on writing but I would still get ideas. I would write them down and put them in my drawer. I think I was always writing. It’s just who I am. My musical, ‘The Wedding Gift,’ will debut at the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre in February. I’m thankful that the Civic has enough faith in this project to take a chance on a new play. I teamed up with Dori Erwin Collins, along with other professionals in Chicago and New York to make this happen. Decades ago, I played Eliza Doolittle in ‘My Fair Lady’ at Franke Park, and Dori came to my costume fittings when she was a little girl. She grew up to be a soloist and ended up playing the lead in ‘My Fair Lady’ and went on to more success at the Chicago Theatre. It really came full circle to work on ‘The Wedding Gift’ with her. I remember the first time we were practicing for a show and they played my music. I sat there in the audience by myself and heard the orchestra playing the music I once heard only in my head, and then I heard singers singing it. It was an overwhelming feeling. I hope that everyone can experience their dream coming true once in their life. I was overcome with emotion. To think that something I wrote could be brought to life is nothing less than amazing. It’s all a gift from God to be able to write and create this. I’m so pleased. My mother is 107 and doing just fine. She will be there at the Civic in the audience to watch the play, too. I want ‘The Wedding Gift’ to remind people of sweet, innocent days from the past, and to leave singing a song or two.” #PeopleofNEI

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