Where do local foodies eat? Eat With Bella shares her top 5 favorite restaurants in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is home to a few devoted foodies, who share their dining experiences online, sharing tips on what to get and when to go. Locals and visitors alike flock to these accounts for insights on the best bites in the Summit City and other northeast Indiana towns.

This list was created by a local foodie known online as Eat With Bella

Growing up here, I have watched the city grow and evolve. My favorite part of living in Fort Wayne is the diverse food selection we have. A few years ago, I started a food Instagram account, @eat.with.bella, because my friends were always curious about what I was eating when I posted food to my personal account.

As I started making videos to share the food I eat in northeast Indiana, my account has grown to over 16,200 followers. I get to collaborate with restaurants and have met a lot of amazing people who own these restaurants. I love what I do with a passion and I am so grateful for everyone who follows and supports my page as I try the various foods Fort Wayne has to offer.

These are my current favorite (and most frequently visited) restaurants in Fort Wayne. It is hard to narrow it down to just five since there are so many amazing places here to eat. However, these restaurants never fail to deliver in the food quality or customer service they provide and are always a safe choice to satisfy my cravings.

Shrimp Tomalley Fried Rice, Wall Street Basil Stir-Fry, and Noodle Soup from Bangkok Bistro.

1. Bangkok Bistro 
3009 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Bangkok Bistro has never disappointed me. This is a Thai restaurant with outstanding dishes located on East State Boulevard. The flavors are mouth-watering and everything is freshly made. I have loved every plate of food I've ever ordered from here, and my family goes at least once a week. The customer service and clean environment is also a plus. 

I would recommend the Panang Curry Gyoza for an appetizer, and the Bangkok Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, and Tom Yum Fried Rice for an entree. The noodle soups and curry dishes are also so delicious and make for a great meal! Overall, this is the best Thai restaurant in Fort Wayne due to the calm/warm atmosphere, the friendliness of the workers, and the mouth-watering flavors.

Lamb Shish Kebab and Tantuni from Deema Turkish Cuisine.

2. Deema Turkish Cuisine
6410 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Deem Turkish Cuisine has a cozy, yet elegant vibe. The customer service is amazing and the food is bursting with flavors! There are complimentary bread and olives given to each table. The hummus must be ordered separately, and I highly recommend doing so or you will be missing out. I love the za’atar grilled chicken wings for the appetizer and the tantuni wrap plate and lamb shish kebabs for the entree. 

Chicken Wings, Smutty Fries, and a mocktail from Copper Spoon.

3. Copper Spoon
301 W Jefferson Blvd #100, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Copper Spoon is an award-winning bar and restaurant located in downtown Fort Wayne. Their ingredients are locally sourced to increase the quality of everything served. The dark and relaxed ambiance creates a unique dining experience. Included in this dining experience is a huge selection of hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails. The mocktail list is the largest I've seen in Fort Wayne, which is an added bonus. The chicken wings are to die for, with a crispy exterior and Korean BBQ flavor. Another amazing food item they have is their Smutty Fries, which are crispy potatoes with sloppy joe on the top of them. This is a great place for a date or to dine with friends.

The Aloha Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll from ​​​​​​​Asakusa.

4. Asakusa 
6224 Lima Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818

My parents would always get Asakusa when I was a child and ever since then, it has been one of my favorite restaurants. It continues to be a staple in my selections of restaurants to this day and is just as good as it's always been. Sushi is my first pick when I eat there, and the Aloha and Tokyo rolls are two of my favorites to eat. However, all of their other food options are great, and their chicken katsu is another favorite option.

Soup and Noodle Pho #14 from​​​​​​​ Saigon.

5. Saigon Restaurant
2006 Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Saigon has some of the best pho in Fort Wayne. My friends and I love to meet up here and are always pleased with the relaxing environment while we eat. They offer a variety of phos and other Vietnamese and Chinese food. I am a huge fan of their egg rolls and would have to say they are the best in Fort Wayne. When I order from here, I usually get one or two egg rolls and the Soup and Noodle Pho #14 Phở Tài Nam. This pho has eye-round steak and a well-done flank in it, but there are also plenty of other options/combinations of Pho if that doesn't excite you.
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