3 ways to celebrate Earth Day in Fort Wayne

You might know that Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22.  It was started in 1970 to support environmental protection.  Around my office, we like to say “Every Day is Earth Day” because you can’t really think about something once a year and expect to make a difference.  It is good to have reminders, though, to renew your commitment and learn about what is being done and how you can help to reverse some of the forces that are having an negative impact on the quality of life on earth.

Here are three things that would be a great way to celebrate the planet we live on and tell it we love it through our actions.

A group of kids at Eagle Marsh.

Attend Earth Day Fort Wayne at Eagle Marsh

This annual event combines learning about animals that inhabit the wetlands on Engle Road, native plant and craft sales, painted rain barrels to bid on, and awesome food and drinks. There will also be fun activities and a chance to talk with local conservation organizations about some of the projects they are working on and how you might be able to help. 

If you are not familiar with the amazing work that Little River Watershed Project has done on this property, you should be.  It was agricultural land just a few years ago, and now supports diverse and endangered species.  It is one of the largest and most ambitious wetland restorations in Indiana history.  Now there are chances to explore and observe this critical type of landscape every day through guided hikes and activities or on your own.

Participate in “Winning on Reducing Food Waste Month

The president issued a proclamation and announced this month that the EPA, FDA, and USDA will join forces to combat food waste.  Did you know that about 40% of food is wasted in the US?  And 40 million people in the US are food insecure at the same time?  That’s just crazy.  We have to stop wasting food.  Most of the food that ends up in landfills comes from households.  It then decomposes anaerobically to form the greenhouse gas, methane.  Wasting food wastes all of the energy that went into preparing the land and growing it in addition to all of the nutritional value that could have gone to someone who needed it.Earth Day is Monday, April 22.

There are some really great resources listed on the EPA’s website to help you get started taking action at home.  Easy ways to start: shop your fridge first before you buy something out of habit that you already have, make a list and stick to it, have a day dedicated to leftovers and come up with creative ways to eat them.

Participate in some peaceful activism

One of the intents of the first Earth Day organizer was to encourage people to provoke policy changes that protect our natural resources.  If there is an issue that means something to you, get in touch with the appropriate governing body to let them know or volunteer for an organization working to help.  As Dr. Seuss’s Lorax said, “I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.”

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