Airbnb Tours: This two-bedroom apartment on Lake Ave. offers extended stays and a pool near Downtown

In 2022, Fort Wayne made Better's international list of five of the best places to visit as an up-and-coming Midwestern town. So if you are booking a flight or a road trip this year, where are you going to stay?

This week, we meet Olivia Nelson, who owns and manages JetsetterBnb on Airbnb (@jetsetterbnb) with her partner, Derek. Together, they offer a retro two-bedroom, two-bathroom getaway with a pool off Lake Avenue near Downtown. But more than a cool apartment, JetsetterBnb is filling a gap in the community by offering fully furnished extended stays for traveling professionals, doctors and nurses, families, or anyone visiting for several weeks or months.

We sat down with Olivia Nelson to learn more.

Olivia Nelson in the living room of her Airbnb, JetsetterBnb, in Fort Wayne.

IFW: Tell us a little bit more about you and Derek. 
ON: We were both raised in small towns just South of Fort Wayne and grew up visiting the city. We have been living in and enjoying the growth of Fort Wayne since 2018 and are so happy to be settled and raising our family here. We are local entrepreneurs and have been happily participating in the growth of Fort Wayne. Recently, we owned and operated a brick-and-mortar small business. I also coach entrepreneurs in building their own digital wellness business and coach my clients in wellness to live an abundant low-tox lifestyle. Together, we are investing into the community and plan to bring more creative spaces to the Fort Wayne area.

Olivia Nelson in the kitchen of her Airbnb, JetsetterBnb, in Fort Wayne.
IFW: How long have you been managing properties on Airbnb, and what made you decide to try?
ON: This is our first Airbnb property! In 2021, we started getting really interested in investing in our city, and we were super inspired by all of the growth that Fort Wayne had been experiencing. We knew there was a need to fill, and our search for the perfect property began. We were looking for a multi-family home; duplex or triplex. Our family is still small, and so, we were looking for a place that we could live in while renovating and creating our Airbnb.

The living room features a cozy couch in the Airbnb owned by Olivia Nelson in Fort Wayne.

IFW: Tell us about JetsetterBnb. 
ON: JetsetterBnb is a Retro Boutique Getaway experience! It’s a fully furnished, spacious apartment with two bedrooms that have comfortable, sturdy queen beds; two full baths; a kitchen with a laundry area; and a large living space. An outdoor pool and a clay chimnea (outdoor fire chimney) are available, too, and you can’t beat the view out of the windows. 

The pool from the view of the master bedroom in the Airbnb owned by Olivia Nelson in Fort Wayne.

Our property was built in the 60s, so you will find some of that original charm in our design. An example would be the original tiling in the bathrooms! What we loved most about the space was that it had fun retro features that were in great condition. We updated what we knew needed updating: the floors, countertops, cabinetry and lighting. We repaired and kept the original bathroom tiling and antique cast iron sinks and tubs. 

The main bathroom features gold and green tones, mirrors and original tile.
IFW: How would you describe your Airbnb’s design style?  

ON: The Airbnb has a minimal retro/boho aesthetic with design touches inspired by travel. You’ll find inspiration and motivation throughout the unit through our decor and artwork. It’s our hope that your stay with us will be refreshing and enlightening, and that when you aren’t inside, you’ll feel empowered to conquer whatever it is that you know you’re called to do.

One of the bedrooms features tons of storage and a pop of color with a pink rug.

IFW: What is your favorite space on the property? 
ON: In the summertime, the Jetsetter Pool is the best place to hang! It is an inground 20-by-40-foot pool that is only four-feet deep all around. There are Bluetooth speakers, umbrellas, chair cushions, toys, and floaties all available for guest use.

The master bedroom features tons of natural light.
IFW: What has your host experience been like so far?
ON: So far, the experience has been so fun and rewarding. We have hosted two guests already; the first guest stayed for a month, and the second guest is staying for a month and a half—exactly what we planned for! 

The master bathroom features a gold and pink color scheme.
IFW: In addition to your space, do you offer any other perks to guests at your property?
ON: Guests have full access to the property, including Jetsetter Pool, the gardens, which will be finished in Spring of 2023, and the entire backyard. We love to fish in the creek that connects to the backyard and pick pears from the pear tree in the front yard. We are also not side-by-side to any neighbors, so the entire experience will feel safe and private. We are centrally located on Lake Avenue—minutes from Downtown, walking/biking trails, parks, hospitals, shopping, dining, and close to highways for great access around Fort Wayne. You get privacy and a large property to explore and are just a quick drive from a more bustling city experience.

The master bathroom features a gold and pink color scheme.
IFW: What makes Fort Wayne a great place to live and visit?
ON: Fort Wayne is a GEM! We have an incredible food, coffee, and cocktail scene unlike any place I’ve visited. As a family, we are always trying what’s new and will give you all of our recommendations. There is so much to do for all types of families, especially for families with young kiddos. We have amazing CLEAN parks, walking/biking trails, an awesome minor league baseball team/park, children’s zoo, science central, wonderful libraries, and theaters. The list goes on. Some of our favorite places are Mercado on the Landing for dinner and margaritas, Birdie’s Rooftop Bar for cocktails, Utopian Coffee for coffee and a work sesh, Ophelia’s for brunch, and Meraki Boutique for shopping.

The kitchen has a pink theme.
IFW: What advice do you have for others looking to offer a space on Airbnb? 
ON: I’ll give the same advice that I would give when coaching my business partners: Just follow that tug on your heart, and get started! There has never been a better time to get started in business. Do some research, and only take advice from those who are doing what you want to do. I am always open to sharing what I’ve learned, and anyone can reach out to me on my personal Instagram @jetsetolivia.
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