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Rachel is a junior at the School of Creative Arts at the University of Saint Francis. She is majoring in communication and public relations, and commutes two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening to attend USF. She speaks with enthusiasm about her love for the campus and her plans to move to Rome City in Noble County where she wants to raise children with her husband. “I commute from the Indianapolis area to attend the University of St. Francis. This university is so friendly. I’m new to the program and everyone is nothing but helpful and supportive. Everyone at USF is invested in making sure everyone is the best version of themselves. It’s all about you becoming the best you. They are here for me during difficult moments. They care about me. I love that personal connection. It makes me wake up in the morning glad that I get to go to college here, and it is worth the drive. I grew up in northeast Indiana and I swore that when I left that I wouldn’t come back. I just wanted out. Now, I realize everything that northeast Indiana has to offer me, my husband, and my future children. In Rome City, everyone knows everyone. On Sylvan Lake, everyone smiles and waves. People ask you how you are doing. We want kids. Raising them in Rome City fits who we are. We love the country. We love the lake. We love small towns. There’s so much going on. I want that for my kids. I think there are some values that our community will help with when it comes to raising our kids. At the same time, Fort Wayne is so close. I love Fort Wayne because of the friendship and especially the diversity. That’s important to me. There are people with different backgrounds. I believe we should love everyone. That’s the best gift you can give anyone. That’s very important for me and I want that for my children. I’m going to raise my kids with northeast Indiana values but I want them to be able to make up their own minds. Family is everything and I feel like this area has the ability to give us everything we need and more. My husband and I just bought land in Rome City so that we can move back. This is home.” #PeopleofNEI

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