#PeopleofNEI: Maya, growing up in downtown Fort Wayne

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Maya has been attending a Montessori school since September. She went from kindergarten to the next level of learning in her first month simply by recognizing on her own that she was ready for more learning challenges. She is described in her classroom as independent and a moral compass among the other children. She has a lot of love for her young life in Fort Wayne. “My name is Maya. I am six years old. I used to be in kindergarten but I did a lot of work and moved up pretty quickly. I am also a twin so my sister and I are the same age. My favorite part about being a twin is that even though my sister and I don’t always get along, she makes me laugh. My sister is funny. When we were four, we’d make up our very own dances. My favorite part about Montessori is that I get to learn new lessons that are fun. I like learning about nouns and verbs the most. I’m good at those. We also play games to learn and that’s fun. I also like my house. We have two cats and two dogs. I like playing with them with my friend Max in my neighborhood. We play lots of different games. Sometimes my mom takes us to the different parks or to the YMCA. I love it there, and I love to swim. I also love getting ice cream from Zesto. It’s my favorite. Someday, when I am bigger, I want to be an Acrobat. I’ve been practicing since I was four. I’m pretty good at it. I really like living here and going to school by all of the big buildings downtown. The name of my city is Fort Wayne, Indiana. I like it here.” #PeopleofNEI

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