#PeopleofNEI: Bradly, advocating for Fort Wayne's culture

Northeast Indiana is evolving. These are the people shaping its future. #PeopleofNEI

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Bradly was born and raised in Goshen, Indiana but spent much of his time in Fort Wayne when he was growing up. He is now fully committed to life in Fort Wayne where he works as the General Manager of 816 Pint & Slice in downtown Fort Wayne. He spends his time with his boyfriend and the circle of friends they have created in a city that he loves and is quick to defend and advocate for. “I studied music constantly. I grew up playing upright bass classically and with jazz. That allowed me to meet a lot of people in the music world that were also gay. It really helped me with finding that community. I don’t have any issues being gay and out in Fort Wayne. I feel like Fort Wayne is a great place for me to be myself. I feel so much support and it is a non-issue. When my boyfriend and I go out, we are comfortable being affectionate and just living our lives. I love Fort Wayne. I feel safe here and I have become a huge advocate for this place. People ask why I didn’t move to Chicago, but I didn’t want that life. It’s too big and it’s not appealing to me. Fort Wayne is perfect for me and, honestly, the growth here is what is keeping me here. I love the movement on our Riverfronts, the opening of the Clyde, Middle Waves, the Fourth of July fireworks, Germanfest, the farmers’ markets, and the future of Electric Works. I love that downtown Fort Wayne is so invested in small businesses. We are in this together. At Pint & Slice, I take for granted that we are in the heart of Fort Wayne but it’s been a staple for 12 years. We were one of the few restaurants that were open on the weekends years ago and I love that it has helped pave the way for the legacy that is happening. We have created a place that is different and unique but also feels like home while creating great experiences and food. We have this unspoken culture here but it all comes down to being kind and open to everyone. At the end of the day, it all comes down to kindness. We need more of it. It only takes one act of kindness to change someone’s day or life. It’s not hard. My kindness is genuine. If I can be kind to just one person, it’s worth it. That kindness could save their life.” #PeopleofNEI

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