Career Path: From summer intern to human resource manager

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When thinking about the types of jobs available at Parkview Health, you might think of all the nurses, physicians, and technicians providing care, but as Northeast Indiana’s largest employer, there is a wide variety of careers within the organization.

Aside from brief stints at Target and her hometown bank at the beginning of her work life, Rhiannon Wade has spent her entire career at Parkview Health. What started as a summer internship turned into a larger opportunity, and she recently marked her 15th year with the organization. 

In her home office, Rhiannon uses a walking pad under her desk to help avoid sitting for long periods.Input Fort Wayne sat down with Wade, who is now a human resources (HR) manager, to learn about her career path. 

IFW: What was your dream job as a child? 
RW: I thought about being a veterinarian because I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ dairy farm. I still have a huge love of animals and, unfortunately for my husband, you can see several pieces of cow decor around our house.

IFW: When you went to college, did you know what you wanted to do? 
RW: Absolutely not. When I started college, I enrolled in a path that would lead to a psychology degree, thinking I wanted to become a psychologist. Ultimately, I switched gears and pursued a major in business. 

IFW: What led you to HR? 
RW: I wish I could say I’ve always been passionate about HR, but the truth is, I had no idea what HR was until I landed an HR internship with Parkview.

I started out as a summer intern for the Materials Management department (now known as Supply Chain). As the summer semester came to an end, I noticed that Parkview had posted a paid internship (envision me, a wide-eyed, excited, 19-year-old here!) for the recruitment team within HR for which my “boss” recommended me. So I applied and interviewed – and haven’t left since.

I then took more HR-related classes and ended up with a minor in HR. 

IFW: What was your first full-time job at Parkview? 
RW: An HR Informatics Assistant. I split my time working at the HR front desk at Parkview Hospital Randallia and the former Parkview Corporate Office building, processing personnel action forms and benefit change requests. 

Rhiannon served on the local Early Childhood Alliance planning committee for the “Spark a Future: Invest in our Workforce” fundraiser. Benson, her son, was one of several children in attendance who dressed in costumes reflecting future careers.IFW: What do you like best about your current role? 
RW: Aside from having some of the most amazing counterparts who feel more like family than co-workers, I truly enjoy giving co-workers and leaders a safe space to be heard– maybe those initial psychology classes aren’t going to waste!

IFW: How has Parkview Health helped to develop your career?
RW: I’ve been blessed to have worked for some very supportive leaders at Parkview who always put career development at the forefront. 

IFW: What career advice would you give to others?
RW: Sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry. Don’t be afraid to stray from your path or even start over. Your career will consume at least a third of your adult life, so make sure it’s something you’re happy doing.

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