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Feature Story Kibwe Cooper, the host of 'Empower You Podcast', works on a podcast in his studio at home.

Partner Content Parkview Police Officer Htoo Doh works on an art piece.

Feature Story The Castle Gallery in West Central offers a unique experience with artwork in a historic setting.

#PlacesofNEI: The historic Castle Gallery in West Central

Feature Story Tokyo Steak House of Japan in Columbia City can be found next to the Ohki Alley.

Feature Story Reusser web design agency has a four-day workweek and a hybrid schedule. They collaborate in their Downtown Roanoke office two days each week.

Feature Story Sisters Cecilia Dunifon and Olivia Perez work on a "blooming" mural on Wells Street.

Feature Story Winona Lake is a hot spot for local art in Kosciusko County.

Feature Story Attendees shop for fresh fruits and veggies at the HEAL Market.

Feature Story Located next to dining, shopping, parks, and Trine University, the Brokaw Movie House in Angola is accessible for locals and visitors.

Feature Story The fifth course bears a toothsome wheat berry concoction in a pool of deeply savory broth.
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